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What is Visions of Zosimos

Visions of Zosimos (VoZ) is an online collectible card game that seamlessly integrates deep tactical turn-based combat in a hex based layout, while harnessing the social aspects of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre. .

VoZ is a PC game for windows based machines, built on the Hero Engine that will utilize a dedicated player client. A single game session will occur in a 3D board environment and allow each player to engage in direct combat with his or her avatar on the board, as well as play various cards from his or her deck enacting a multitude of effects on gameplay

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Factions Within The Afterlife

The Afterlife is split not only among Light and Dark but across the Elements as well. There are allies between the Elements and even across the Realms. Who you choose to fight with or against is up to you! Currently, there are two playable factions, with more planned for the future.


Dark Fire

The passion in your soul. Can you feel it? There is a spark that has been ignited in all of us. To ignore it is to deny one’s own existence. To deny such a spark is to deny the origin of mankind’s true nature. We are passionate beings! We crave the things that make us whole and eliminate all obstructions.

Consider the nature of a simple campfire. It provides light and warmth but it stagnates in confinement. It needs to be freed from bondage. The passions of heat and flame should flow freely, bringing power and fury across the land. Control is not possible without the destructive force being used to effect change. Well channeled, Fire is an unstoppable force. A campfire...Ha!


Light Earth

The Earth is life. The Light from above helps it grow. Together, a strength of nature is born. We are the great defenders of the land. As far as the eye can see, where the light touches the ground, we live. We get our strength from the land itself...our food, our tools, our bodies, our very souls.

From the tips of the tallest mountains to the depths of the deepest holes, the earth exists and thrives. All strength, determination and will come from the ground and stones upon which we walk...guiding us throughout our entire lives. Purity of heart and soul lead to a purity of body and mind. And what is more pure than the Earth?

Peace, health, and long life are the goals that the Defensores Orbis Terrarum are here to protect. Strength and stability from the Earth translated to power and life and no power above or below the land can bring it asunder. For the mountain shall and will always be, our home.

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Latest News

Twitch Stream 4/19 LIVE!

Apr 19, 2017 Game Updates
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Greetings Students! We will be playing Visions of Zosimos tonight at 6 PM CST. Our streamer, Cody, will be looking for players to duke it out in the Afterlife so feel free to pop in and play. If you don't have a key to…

New Construct's For Light Earth…

Jan 25, 2017 Dev Blog
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Visions of Zosimos is a complex video game. With over 50 cards in each set you are able to create multiple different types of decks with their own play styles. Something students will notice very early on is that decks…

Join our New Forums!

Dec 23, 2016 General
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As you can see our new webiste is live and so are our New Forums. For those of you have read and posted on our old forums do not be alarmed. They are Archived and can still be viewed. We encourage you to register on the…

Lore Delving - Controlling the…

Dec 16, 2016 Dev Blog
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We haven't Lore Delved into the Afterlife for a long time and I think a topic of recent discussion would be a perfect way to get back into it. In the game, your Student will control the Homunculus it creates but we…

Ambushes in the Board Game

Dec 10, 2016 Dev Blog
When developing the Visions of Zosimos Board Game, we wanted to make it as faithful to the PC game as possible. After prototyping the game on paper for so long it seemed so natural and simple. The one outlier though…

Becoming Aware of Awareness

Dec 07, 2016 Dev Blog
In our last blog post we discussed the ending of an era for our ability Intercept. This neutral ability was used for multiple cards and we couldn't just get rid of it without replacing it. Well, we could, but Intercept…

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