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What is Visions of Zosimos

Visions of Zosimos (VoZ) is an online collectible card game that seamlessly integrates deep tactical turn-based combat in a hex based layout, while harnessing the social aspects of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre. .

VoZ is a PC game for windows based machines, built on the Hero Engine that will utilize a dedicated player client. A single game session will occur in a 3D board environment and allow each player to engage in direct combat with his or her avatar on the board, as well as play various cards from his or her deck enacting a multitude of effects on gameplay



Claim Victory in the Afterlife


Victory is claimed from the player with the best strategy and tactics. In a Player Vs. Player match, victory is achieved when the opposing teams homunculi are defeated. In a Player Vs.Player Vs. Enemy match, the team with the most Victory Points will win the match. Victory Points are claimed through various challenges based on the Board and defeating Wandering Monsters, Bosses and Homunculi. 


Know your Phases

When you get into a game, you are going to want to know the phases of the game so you can plan out your strategies for each upcoming phase.


  Upkeep: Abilities with a duration or ‘Upkeep’ note activate. Inactive Dice also move along the noted rotation and become Active.
Draw  Draw Phase: Draw up to three cards from your deck. Maximum hand size is 6. 
Transfer Transfer Phase: Gain 2 Dice for your resource pools. These Dice cannot be placed into the same pool, but can be placed on either the Active Attack or Defensive sides. Transfer up to 2 Dice in any pool from Attack to Defense or vice versa. Dice must remain within their pools. 

Example: Add 1 Dice to Body Attack and 1 to Soul Defense.

Example: Cannot add 1 to Mind Attack and 1 to Mind Defense.

Movement Move Phase: Move your units within a range notated on their card. Units may not pass through each other unless otherwise stated. When a unit moves they then face the direction that they moved. Units cannot stand on a half hex. A Unit can spend 1 movement to turn and face any direction. Activate abilities noted ‘Movement.’
Play Play Phase: Player cards from your hand onto the field. You may also activate abilities noted ‘Play.’

Cast ranges from your Homunculus: Physical Cards 1, Magical Cards 5, Astral Cards 3

Battle Battle Phase: Make attacks against opposing units. Those units may then defend against your attacks. Activate abilities noted ‘Combat.’ A Unit may not make and attack in the same turn it uses a Combat ability.
Discard 2 Discard Phase: You may discard up to two cards from your Hand to your Discard. 


Manage Your Resources

Visions of Zosimos is not your typical CCG when it comes to Resource Management. The Transfer Phase gives you more resources on each turn and the Terrain Cards can give you additional dice if they are scrapped. This is fairly straight forward but the Flux is not. The Flux is when you play a card from an active pool, those dice will be switched to inactive.


The Flux is a cycle that can be fluctuated from attacking, defending, and playing cards. The key is to always think a couple moves ahead. If you have a minion that costs 4 Attack Dice and a minion that costs 5 Defense Dice, playing the minion with 4 Attack Dice first will allow you to play the 5 Defense minion on your next turn assuming you gain a dice on your next Transfer phase or you had one in the defense pool previously. Low cost cards can help keep your pools in a constant Flux making it easier to Transfer Dice for when your big costing card is drawn. 


A Deeper Look at Movement and Combat

  •  Units may make one Attack during the Combat Phase making every movement count. Targets must be within range of the Attacker which is indicated on the Units Card. Units may only Attack targets in their Combat Area, or Front-Arc. Units with range 2 or greater may attack any tile in that area other than those in their immediate Back-Arc.


  • When a Homunculus is Attacked they must Defend using the pool that they are being attacked with. You are able to defend incoming damage from Minions with the Body Pool, Spells or Enchants with the Mind Pool, and defend against damage from Ambushes, Glyphs, and Terrain using the Soul Pool. Any damage can be defended against.


  • When checking successful rolls, either Attacking or Defending, 1-3's are counted as fails, 4-6's are counted as successes or hits. Units have the option of not using all of their dice in one Attack or Defense. Once a Unit has used all of its dice, those dice cannot be used again until the start of that player’s next turn. 


  • When standing in a unit's Back-Arc, that unit will gain +2 Attack dice when making an attack against that unit. Going for the Back-Arc is an optimal strategy to dealing additional damage but it can leave your Unit vulnerable if you don't pay attention to the opposing units and what could very well lead to multiple back stabs to yourself.
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