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A New PvP Focused Board in Creation

When we talk about creating a new board for Visions of Zosimos, we reach out into the ether and draw inspiration from many different sources. While you can already see the Cathedral of Bones and Blighted Mire inside the Forest of Decay when you play the game, you just might want to take a sneak peek at what’s being developed for the Cathedral of Death!

New Reconnection Protocols

The VoZ team is hard at work developeing the architecture to get you back into your game if you lose your connection. We found that this is going to be invaluable to players as we move forward. 


New Resource Manager & Combat UI

We have begun to build our new resource manager system for the in game GUI that puts our UNIQUE resource system front and center for the player. It will be more intuitive and easier to manage your resources than ever before! Our Combat UI is getting a revamp as well so players can better attack and defend during combat. With the addition of an action camera that gets you right into the excitement players will definitely get a sense of being there as the combat unfolds!


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