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Visions of Zosimos, at its core, is a Strategic Board and Collectible Card Game so the transition from Digital to Physical felt completely natural. In fact, the development team has been paper prototyping the digital game since the start of development making the transition even easier.


The Physical Board Game is going to have the same cards and mechanics as the Digital Copy but will not feature the same Boards. Instead, we will be allowing players to create their own Boards by using modular hex pieces that players can put together themselves. The game manual will have suggested configurations but ultimately we want YOU to make your own maps. 


The Physical Game will also have expansions that include more Board variants, Cards, and even Physical Models based off the ones in the game!


 board game concept art



What's next in the world of VoZ? Check out this Road Map of what we are working on and what is coming up next!


In Progress          



Player GUI Update

Combat GUI Update

Phase Tracker Update

Terrain Card Ability Updates

Updated Character Textures, Animations and SFX

Founder's Package Assets including Kickstarter Rewards Design/Concept

Fire and Earth Terrain Cards


Board Game

Tile Art

Card Art

Ambush Revamp for the Board Game  


What's Next?       



Void and Fulcrum Card Sets

Arena Map (Catherdral of Bones) Revamp

PVP Map (Blighted Mire) Revamp

Crafting System

Expanded Gameplay Codex

Windswept Desert Maps

Lobby and Deck Builder Update

Tutorial Update

Save Game Feature (Plus Disconnect Protocols)

Lore Codex


Board Game

Expansion Set Design and Art

3D Printed Models


As you can see our new webiste is live and so are our New Forums. For those of you have read and posted on our old forums do not be alarmed. They are Archived and can still be viewed. We encourage you to register on the "New and Improved" website so you can post on our Forums and stay in touch with us as we are planning some BIG announcements in the upcoming year! Be sure to Like and Follow us on Twitter too!

Happy Holidays from the Visions of Zosimos team and stay safe!



Forever Interactiveis creating Visions of Zosimos

Hey everyone, we have great news on two fronts! First, we have a newly created Patreon that you can donate to in order to ensure that we can continue working our VoZ and other great projects. Second, we have an exclusive interview on with some of our lead developers! Check out the links now and let us know what you think!


Check us out here:


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Greetings Students! We will be playing Visions of Zosimos tonight at 6 PM CST. Our streamer, Cody, will be looking for players to duke it out in the Afterlife so feel free to pop in and play. If you don't have a key to play then press the Play button and get one!


A New PvP Focused Board in Creation

When we talk about creating a new board for Visions of Zosimos, we reach out into the ether and draw inspiration from many different sources. While you can already see the Cathedral of Bones and Blighted Mire inside the Forest of Decay when you play the game, you just might want to take a sneak peek at what’s being developed for the Cathedral of Death!

New Reconnection Protocols

The VoZ team is hard at work developeing the architecture to get you back into your game if you lose your connection. We found that this is going to be invaluable to players as we move forward. 


New Resource Manager & Combat UI

We have begun to build our new resource manager system for the in game GUI that puts our UNIQUE resource system front and center for the player. It will be more intuitive and easier to manage your resources than ever before! Our Combat UI is getting a revamp as well so players can better attack and defend during combat. With the addition of an action camera that gets you right into the excitement players will definitely get a sense of being there as the combat unfolds!





We have exciting news for the Visions of Zosimos! We will be in Madison October 21st through the 23rd for Protospiel! It is a tabletop event for game designers but anyone can join! We will be showing off our prototype of our Physical Board Game version of VoZ. Play tester badges are $10 so if you are in the area we would love to see you! A link to the website is below.


Protospiel Madison 2016

Visions of Zosimos is a complex video game. With over 50 cards in each set you are able to create multiple different types of decks with their own play styles. Something students will notice very early on is that decks can be built around your Homunculus as well. The different Construct, Memory and Essence cards all carry unique abilities and can compliment various cards in your deck. For instance, Terra Firma gives all allied minions with Inertia +1 Movement so building a deck with minions that have Inertia and Enchantments that grant Inertia would work well with Terra Firma. 

As we playtested, we noticed how limited we were in the Construct and Memory portion of the Materia Cards so we designed some out that will give the player more options when Homunculus Building. This blog is dedicated to the new Light Earth Construct, Terracota Emperor and the Dark Fire Construct, Hades' Bite.

Terracota Emperor is based off the Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his army of Terracota Soldiers. The Terracota Emperor has an abiity that gives it one temporary defense dice after being hit from a successful physical attack. In terms of deck building, it doesn't have a whole lot of chemistry but as an ability it is quite powerful. Visions of Zosimos is a game where getting cornered can happen very easily. Getting into a situation without defensive dice is even easier. Being able to always have a chance to defend a point of damage or pool your defensive dice for a big attack is something we wanted to give the Light Earth players especially with how powerful Fire minions can be with Scorch. 

Hades' Bite is also plays off of the idea that a good defense is a strong offense. Upon a succesful physical attack against Hade's Bite, that unit will gain Burn 1/2. Building a deck around Wildfire would make sense for sure but so many units will be attempting to hit your homunculus so ignoring Wildfire and building around Scorch or Strike. 

news image testtree

We haven't Lore Delved into the Afterlife for a long time and I think a topic of recent discussion would be a perfect way to get back into it. In the game, your Student will control the Homunculus it creates but we don't quite know how they do it? In a recent designers meeting we explored this interaction much further and came up with a conclusion we were happy with.

The conversation started with one of our newest content designers asking said question for a story he was going to write. Embarrasingly, it was something we didn't quite think to much of but the general thoughts the senoir content designers had was that was a telepathic link. Your Homunculus isn't like a trained pet or even a football team where you bark orders or communicate through a microphone but a telepathic link. The Shrine's we discussed in an earlier blog are your students way of warding off the harsh conditions and monsters from the Afterlife. Even the very idea of opening this shield to talk to your Homunculus was out of the question. The Student also created this Homunculus through alchemical and magical purposes so we believe there is a deep connection between the two people so linking the students mind to the Homunculus was not only the coolest but the most interesting and safest way for the Student to do so.

So how deep is this connection? What does it feel like to transfer your mind into a Homunculus? I personally argued for the one to one connection of feeling the pain of the Homunculus. I liked this idea because it makes the stakes higher for the Student but it really doesn't make much sense. The Construct is not a bundle of organs or nerves like a humans body but primarily inorganic material. Some constructs contain organic material but it is far from living. Linking your mind into a Homunculus is more intense than a VR experience. I would think of it more as a dreamlike experience. Dreams, like nightmares, can feel very lifelike and the fear of being chased, fallen or even grabbed can be translated more easily in a dream than a VR experience. So when the Bog Slave is swinging its arm atop your homunculus, you will get that flinching sensation.

There is speculation of if you die in a dream you die in real life. When you are falling in a dream, you get extremely close to the ground but you never hit it. When your Homunculus becomes reduced to rubble or ash what happens to your Student? Well thats something you will have to find out when Visions of Zosimos is released Q1 of 2017!



When developing the Visions of Zosimos Board Game, we wanted to make it as faithful to the PC game as possible. After prototyping the game on paper for so long it seemed so natural and simple. The one outlier though were the Ambushes. In engine, the Ambush card is placed on a tile and is visible to the player and invisible to the opponent. When paper protoyping, we relyed on the "honor system" and because we were just testing, it was totally fine. When pitching the idea to potential players, the honor system didn't cut it. Not only do people not trust their friends, but remembering where you placed your Ambush was another challenge which we designers faced as well. 


We first tried placing "dummy" ambush tiles which were just two fake Ambushes and one real one. "Dummy" tiles that were stepped on would be removed from play changing the odds from 33% to 50% and so on. This was an interesting idea but also relyed on the honor system because a player could easily change the tile they used. We thought of having the real ambush have an identifier face down but was eventually scrapped. Then, instead of "dummy" tiles we placed three tiles that could be triggered and the player got to choose which one. The idea was that since the opponent knew where they were it would be fair to both players.. Sadly it was overpowered because cards with a large Trigger Radius could almost cover the entire board. The Ambush idea was almost scrapped entirely from the Board Game but we did come up with a reasonable solution.


In the Board Game version only, Ambush cards will be activated when a certain condition is met. So if an enemy moves two steps or makes a successful attack, you would flip your Ambush card that you played previously would activate. You don't have to worry about where the card was played and it forces you to pay more attention to your opponents actions. The issue with it is that you have to remember that the card was played and what the conditions were for the card but it is the best possible way to keep some really great cards in the game.



In our last blog post we discussed the ending of an era for our ability Intercept. This neutral ability was used for multiple cards and we couldn't just get rid of it without replacing it. Well, we could, but Intercept had a power value that affected the cost of those cards. It would have made the Minions with Intercept cost less and less significant. Intercept was a strong defensive ability that made minions with it the perfect "meat shield" for lack of better terms. The Glyph Foresight would have been scrapped completely was well since all it did was direct attacks to it. So instead of redoing the math on card costs and recreating a new card, the designers slammed our heads together and thought up an ability called Awareness.


Awareness, or Awareness X, is an ability that grants anything within radius X the ability to avoid backstab bonuses. It was actually one of the first ideas we came up with to replace it and was the most well accepted replacement. The other two abilities we looked into was one called Ferry and another one called Unrelenting. Ferry is an ability that may be used in the future where when a unit steps on a Terrain tile, it will gain one additional movement. It was a Water idea that allowed you to travel across water terrain, like a ferry. The other one is called Unrelenting which is already an ability on our Boss Monster, the Bog Slave. This ability allowed the unit to take control of the area of an enemy unit that they killed. Ferry and Unrelenting were both good ideas but they didn't do what we wanted them to do. Ferry is a movement ability first and foremost. Besides running away, it doesn't have that defensive omph that Intercept grants. Ferry also feels more like a Element specific ability. Unrelenting, however, is a very strong neutral ability but has more offensive potential.


With Awareness,your team is granted a lot of Defensive capabilities. The backstab bonus is not necessarily a game changing technique so granting awareness to units surrounding it from one tile away is not over powered. The ability also gives the feel of Intercept in the sense that that unit is giving the units around it a defensive advantage allowing you to maintain the importance of positioning. Foresight also was kept and now has Awareness 2. So anything within radius 2 will not have to worry about being backstabbed.


So there you have it, the new Ability Awareness and how it came to be. Stick around with us for some more dev details!




There's a distinct advantage of having designers do paper prototyping as opposed to programming the functionality first, then testing it. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, paper prototyping gives us an immediate view on card and board mechanics. If something doesn't work or is to powerful, we can take a pencil and cross out a number and add a new one or write in a new ability. Then when it is all said and done we can give it to the programmers and they can make it work in engine. 


Let me rephrase that, when we, the designers, create something new we need to be able to disect in a way that makes sense to a programmer. When we pitched the idea of Intercept, which forces the target enemy attacker to itself when adjacent to an allied defender, we not only game them the definition but we broke down what it did. We discussed the variables and conditions that need to met before the ability can be triggered. We discussed what the Intercepting minion can do during the effect of the ability and if other abilities (Counter) can be chained with it. Then we discussed what happens after the ability was used and if we could continously use the ability (at first you could and it was very over powered).  


So after the disection, the programmers can give an honest evaluation of whether or not this ability is feasible and the decision was made to move ahead and use the ability. In a perfect world, this is how game development works but alas we do not live in such a world. The Intercept phenomena remains an enigma to us as the ability could get to a working state but then break after an engine update or some other unforeseeable disaster. The most common bug we would run into was during the ability was in play. The screen would lock up at the Attacker/Defender screen and the confirmation of dice to defend with would not activate. Programmers reviewing the code would look at it and question "why is this not working?" including engine scripters. 


After many hours of Intercept failing us, we decided to essentially put the ability on hold. We don't want to get rid of it but we can't waste more time on it then we already have. So in our next blog post we will discuss what we did next and why just dropping the ability would not cut it.

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