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What's next in the world of VoZ? Check out this Road Map of what we are working on and what is coming up next!


In Progress          



Player GUI Update

Combat GUI Update

Phase Tracker Update

Terrain Card Ability Updates

Updated Character Textures, Animations and SFX

Founder's Package Assets including Kickstarter Rewards Design/Concept

Fire and Earth Terrain Cards


Board Game

Tile Art

Card Art

Ambush Revamp for the Board Game  


What's Next?       



Void and Fulcrum Card Sets

Arena Map (Catherdral of Bones) Revamp

PVP Map (Blighted Mire) Revamp

Crafting System

Expanded Gameplay Codex

Windswept Desert Maps

Lobby and Deck Builder Update

Tutorial Update

Save Game Feature (Plus Disconnect Protocols)

Lore Codex


Board Game

Expansion Set Design and Art

3D Printed Models


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