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Visions of Zosimos is a complex video game. With over 50 cards in each set you are able to create multiple different types of decks with their own play styles. Something students will notice very early on is that decks can be built around your Homunculus as well. The different Construct, Memory and Essence cards all carry unique abilities and can compliment various cards in your deck. For instance, Terra Firma gives all allied minions with Inertia +1 Movement so building a deck with minions that have Inertia and Enchantments that grant Inertia would work well with Terra Firma. 

As we playtested, we noticed how limited we were in the Construct and Memory portion of the Materia Cards so we designed some out that will give the player more options when Homunculus Building. This blog is dedicated to the new Light Earth Construct, Terracota Emperor and the Dark Fire Construct, Hades' Bite.

Terracota Emperor is based off the Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his army of Terracota Soldiers. The Terracota Emperor has an abiity that gives it one temporary defense dice after being hit from a successful physical attack. In terms of deck building, it doesn't have a whole lot of chemistry but as an ability it is quite powerful. Visions of Zosimos is a game where getting cornered can happen very easily. Getting into a situation without defensive dice is even easier. Being able to always have a chance to defend a point of damage or pool your defensive dice for a big attack is something we wanted to give the Light Earth players especially with how powerful Fire minions can be with Scorch. 

Hades' Bite is also plays off of the idea that a good defense is a strong offense. Upon a succesful physical attack against Hade's Bite, that unit will gain Burn 1/2. Building a deck around Wildfire would make sense for sure but so many units will be attempting to hit your homunculus so ignoring Wildfire and building around Scorch or Strike. 

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