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“If it wasn’t for the teachings of Judah Loew ben Bezalel, there would be no knowledge of the Golem which we have today. The Light Realm alchemists were able to decipher the Maharal in which the legend of the Golem was foretold and create their own Golem from the Earth. The Alchemists have been able to perfect the formulae and create one of the most powerful minions in the afterlife. The Golem can take a beating on the battlefield as well as move surrounding terrain and glyphs grafted into the earth.”

The Golem is one of Light Earth’s strongest cards. When designing the Golem, we wanted it to feel like a tank. It would be able to brush off damage easily and hit hard when it actually gets into attacking range. This beast has 5 HP and 5 Defense Dice already making it one of the beefiest creatures in the game. It also has Protection 2 giving it extra resilience.


With only 2 Attack Dice and 2 movement, the Golem is not much of a threat. In fact it is more of an obstacle at this point which is not necessarily bad, but if you recall, we wanted it to be able to hit hard. That's where Inertia comes in! This allows the Golem to deal the damage we want and add to its tank like qualities. 


Finally, the Golem has an ability called Unearth 2. This allows the Golem to move any Astral cards within radius X up to X spaces. In the Golem’s case, 2. We felt like this ability would work great with the Golem seeing as how it is the Earth itself. Since this is the case, why not have it be able to manipulate the Earth too? Now this slow moving tank can slowly move Ambushes, Terrain, and Glyph Cards with it. This forces the opponent to rethink their strategy of keeping this beast alive by running away from it. It’s very easy to avoid the Golem but something this dangerous might need to be dealt with quickly. 

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you this year at GenCon 2016 August 4th through the 7th! If you are new and would like to play the game yourself, click the link below and we will send you an Alpha Key! We are also currently running our IndieGoGo campaign and we are on Steam Greenlight! So if you like what you are seeing and want VoZ on Steam, vote yes in the link below!

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