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"After my explorations in the afterlife, I realized that there was no practical way for others to go in physically, as we programmers had. I had lost two so far; one to the madness. I couldn’t risk the students in that way, and I had been racking my brain to find a solution. I realized that the morning sun was streaming in my office window and I stretched, rising from my chair and grabbed my keys from the desk. 


Once outside I noticed it was Sunday, there were people filing in and out of a church down the street.‘When was the last time I’d been to church?’ I pondered, and I found myself drawn across the street and into the building with a group of others. I sat, as if compelled, and realized I didn’t understand the language that was being spoken. However, I did recognize some of the saints around the nave, sitting on their pedestals with offerings scattered around them. Little altars and shrines to serve as a place for the statues of the saints to reside upon in this place and I looked at one of the shrines, littered with offerings and a photo of a little girl. I knew what I had to do.


I rose and exited the church, heading back to my office. Within a few hours I had one of the artists on the team drawing up concept sketches for the shrines I would implement in the Afterlife. A place where students could project their avatars safely into the Afterlife, while leaving the more dangerous free-roaming projection to the Visions team." 


-The Architect

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Welcome Students! For all of you IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and Alpha players, you have probably wondered what exactly are these shrines? If the above blurb didn’t give it away, the Shrines are sacred pedestals for your in-game Student. These Shrines allow the student to safely venture into the monster infested world which is the Afterlife and carefully observe and control their Homunculus. 


Now, these shrines are NOT very mobile as one could imagine. Think of this like an astral beacon onto which the student latches on to manifest themselves and their Shrine into the afterlife. until the student projects their unique shrine into the space. These Shrines have symbols representing the elements and the realms in which the Student belongs to and not only acts as a safe haven for the Student, but for their Cards as well.


The implementation of Shrines brings in that sense of customization and allows us to show off the player student and Card sleeves that the player can purchase. Shrines will also be purchasable items as well as some unique Shrines to our Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers. The Shrines also make sense because the Student would stand no chance in the Afterlife without its safety. If they did, their would be no reason for the Homunculus. 


Thanks for reading and we hope to see you this year at GenCon 2016 August 4th through the 7th! If you are new and would like to play the game yourself, click the link below and we will send you an Alpha Key! If you are curious about the Shrines and other goodies we are offering through IndieGoGo, check out the link below!

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