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“The forest is a realm of reflection and pain - those unable or unwilling to learn from their mistakes are cast down and punished for their defiance, and all are treated according to their station.


The souls of Men are chained beneath the bog, their shackles tied to the Fall of Man - a great monolith, a mockery of hope, having sunk beneath the rot and fen of the forest. Being dead, the souls choke and drown for eternity - unable to succumb to the bog. Unable to die.

Over the aeons, the dark energy of the Forest of Decay has corrupted these souls, mutating them into feral and savage parodies of men. And as the living realm of man grows weaker and more decadent, so, too, does the Fall of Man grow weaker. Its stone chipping. Its foundation breaking. The slaves of the bog inching closer to freedom, longing to breathe air once more.

But the Forest does not forget. The Forest does not forgive. And for those cast down here for punishment, the Forest will find new ways to castigate. Starting as water-bound larvae, the bog-leeches infest the husks of these fallen souls, growing larger and stronger as their hosts struggle against their crumbling anchor. By the time the punished manage to work a chunk of stone free, the bog-leech has already assumed full control - the body controlled by the Bog-leech, the soul, a prisoner in its own mind.

Man, god, angel or demon - we, all of us, have our keepers.”


Welcome Back Students! In this post we will be talking about the first boss in the game, the Bog Slave. For the Alpha Players, this name should be familiar because you more than likely slain this beast. As you read above, the Bog Slave was once a man like you or I but his soul was corrupted and chained to the statues in the Blighted Mire. If that wasn’t enough these souls are toyed with the chances of freedom only to be a slave to the Bog Parasites surrounding the Fall of Man statues. 

Before we get down to what the Bog Slaves does I want to reiterate the fact that may have become apparent already. Visions of Zosimos is not going to be a video game that hand feeds you the story. There will be ambiguity to the Afterlife that only those who seek it will find. There will be characters guiding you through the Afterlife and what the Program was meant to do and how you will play a part in repairing it but a lot of the storytelling will be through the environment, cards, books, NPC’s, etc.

Anyway, the Bog Slave is a pretty standard boss. It’s big, beefy and packs a punch. It’s soul purpose is to kill the homunculus and will strike down your minions if you try to block him out. With 7 Attack Dice, it will kill most low cost minions and if that wasn’t enough, it will take its spot with once it kills said minion. The Bog Slaves 3 Movement can become four if you aren’t careful. The Bog Slave also has 8 defense dice and 16 life points and don’t let the mind of a Bog Parasite fool you. The Bog Slave will defend the first attack with 5 dice so if you think you can lure it to defend with all of its dice think again! It will take two attacks to remove all of its dice for the turn so plan your strategy around that. 

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you this year at GenCon 2016 August 4th through the 7th!


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