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In our last blog post we discussed the ending of an era for our ability Intercept. This neutral ability was used for multiple cards and we couldn't just get rid of it without replacing it. Well, we could, but Intercept had a power value that affected the cost of those cards. It would have made the Minions with Intercept cost less and less significant. Intercept was a strong defensive ability that made minions with it the perfect "meat shield" for lack of better terms. The Glyph Foresight would have been scrapped completely was well since all it did was direct attacks to it. So instead of redoing the math on card costs and recreating a new card, the designers slammed our heads together and thought up an ability called Awareness.


Awareness, or Awareness X, is an ability that grants anything within radius X the ability to avoid backstab bonuses. It was actually one of the first ideas we came up with to replace it and was the most well accepted replacement. The other two abilities we looked into was one called Ferry and another one called Unrelenting. Ferry is an ability that may be used in the future where when a unit steps on a Terrain tile, it will gain one additional movement. It was a Water idea that allowed you to travel across water terrain, like a ferry. The other one is called Unrelenting which is already an ability on our Boss Monster, the Bog Slave. This ability allowed the unit to take control of the area of an enemy unit that they killed. Ferry and Unrelenting were both good ideas but they didn't do what we wanted them to do. Ferry is a movement ability first and foremost. Besides running away, it doesn't have that defensive omph that Intercept grants. Ferry also feels more like a Element specific ability. Unrelenting, however, is a very strong neutral ability but has more offensive potential.


With Awareness,your team is granted a lot of Defensive capabilities. The backstab bonus is not necessarily a game changing technique so granting awareness to units surrounding it from one tile away is not over powered. The ability also gives the feel of Intercept in the sense that that unit is giving the units around it a defensive advantage allowing you to maintain the importance of positioning. Foresight also was kept and now has Awareness 2. So anything within radius 2 will not have to worry about being backstabbed.


So there you have it, the new Ability Awareness and how it came to be. Stick around with us for some more dev details!


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