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The Tree of Life is not only a physical entity in the Afterlife but a philosophical entity in which the Alchemists of all Realms believe in.


The Alchemists of Light represent the Leaves and the Branches. They require the light of the sun to survive. Like the very branches of the Tree, the Light Realm looks down upon students of the Dark Realm and all other beings below it.


The Alchemists of the Dark Realm represent the roots of the Tree. Like the roots, the Dark Alchemists thrive in the depths,knowing that the seed started in the ground. They believe that the Light Alchemists are naive for believing that there was light before darkness when the Tree itself grew from darkness. 


Each Realm contains all of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. There are also combinations of the Elements that have yet to be fully realized.

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The Void represents the area between light and dark. It connects the Light and Dark Realms together but has no room for any of the Elements. The Void’s inclusion on the Tree has been debated for centuries. The followers of Light believe that they put it in the middle of the Tree because it has already corrupted the forces of Dark and is pushing its way up towards the tree while the Dark side would believe the opposite. It was also said to be the force that divides the two and each force is working its way to control the entire Tree. The Void is the only force keeping them from achieving their goals. The former is the more accepted of the theories. 


Neutral and impartial, the Fulcrum is the stuff that makes up the spaces between, that connects all of the Elements together in the center for both Light and Dark.  While the Void is a nothingness that consumes and takes over, the Fulcrum is an everything or Force that binds Creation and the Afterlife together. 


The Fulcrum was once the center of the Tree of Life and the Void was the surrounding force around the Tree. It wasn’t until recently that the Tree was changed because of the corruption of the Void, which we classify as its own Realm, as Light or Dark are Realms. The Fulcrum acts more like an Element because it is within all things. It can encompass and accept the Light or Dark but can not become joined with the Void.

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