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Alchemy Based Crafting


As a Student in the Afterlife, you will not only be creating Homunculi and building decks but crafting cards as well. As you venture into the Afterlife you will collect Materials that can be used to create cards. You will also be able to break down cards you have extras of or cards you don't need. 


The Materials you collect will then be placed within the rings of an Alchemic Circle. The Materials you collect are based on the Planets; Salt, Sulphur, Coal, Blood, Nitrus, Sugar, and Root. The rarer the card the more Materials you will need to enchant. It also means when you disenchant the card, or breakdown, you will gain more Materials.


As you play the game, you will discover the formulae that allow you to craft the cards that you desire. Sharing you rknowledge with the other Students could also reward you with their discoveries and knowledge of Alchemy! If you're feeling that luck is on your side, there are also ways to experiement with different combinations of Materials.

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