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Getting Started

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Get the Game: 


Visions of Zosioms is a Free to Play game that will be released 
on Steam soon! Until then, you can send us a direct email at and request an Alpha Key!


Log into the game:


When you first open the game, you will run into the log in screen.
You can create a new account by clicking Log In or clicking on one
of your accounts and clicking Go to Lobby.




Explore the Lobby: 


Once in the Lobby, you can join matches and chat with other
players! Before you join a match, you will need to create a
deck and a Homunculus first!


The Lobby will be your gateway to the Store to buy Cards to
build out your Homunculus and Deck as well as other goodies.


You can also check the Library for Gameplay Tips and Lore Bits.




Create your Homunculus:


Your Homunculus is your way for your student to interact with their
deck in the dangers of the Afterlife. It is an amalgamtion of Materia
that you directly control. By clicking on the Lab you can create your


Your new Homunculus will represent a different Faction or Element
for a new Deck. 
To the right, you can see the three different Materia
that makes up a Homunculus. By clicking on any of the three
Images, a wheel of selectable Materia cards of that type will appear.

Note that only certain combinations of Materia cards can be made
based on their Realm and Element.




Create your first Deck: 


A Deck can consist of 35 cards with a reccommended max of 60. Your 
deck can consist of Physical, Magical and Astral Cards that require 
Body, Mind and Soul Dice to use. You will want to have a mix of Attack 
Cost and Defense Cost cards to keep your dice pools in a constant flux. 


You will also want to keep track of the costs value itself to play cards 
early in the game or play the big ones near the end!


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