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Materia Cards

The powers that you wield in battle are based on the principles of alchemical creation. The three building blocks of the Homunculus are reflected in Materia Cards known as Construct, Essence, and Memories. These cards add to the power and functionality of your Homunculus.


vlad tepes

Vladimir "The Impaler" Tepes

Vladimir Tepes was a member of House of Drăculești and became the inspiration to what we now know as Dracula. Vlad was the Prince of Wallachia and considered a folk hero in Romania. He battled with the Ottoman Empire, claimed a victory against them after a surprise attack at Hamza Bey, and was given the nickname of “the Impaler” for how he impaled his enemies and even some of his own troops to cause fear in the opposing forces. The Essence of Vlad the Impaler allowing the Homunculus to sacrifice a Minion to become a Glyph on the battlefield.


Albertus Magnus

Saint Albertus Magnus

Saint Albertus Magnus or Albert the Great is a Catholic Saint and is known as the Doctor of the Church.  After his death, his work as an Alchemist became more and more apparent, the works that surfaced spoke of how he mastered the art of alchemy and the power of stones. In his alchemical works, he is credited with discovering the Philosopher’s Stone and those works keep his Memories alive, allowing for the easy discovery of Ambushes placed by his opponents.


Terrain Cards

Terrain Cards are some of the most dynamic of the cards available. They can be played each turn, but can also be destroyed to harness the power of the element which they represent. This power gives the Homunculus a boost of energy, and once the energy is expelled it cannot be used again.


Red Twins

Red Twins

Think of the Red Twins as a mountain range but with volcanoes. The Red Twins has chain three which means that it creates the same card adjacent to itself in any spot you choose three times! Whatever opponent steps on this card will take 1 direct Astral damage making this the perfect, offensive and defensive card.




Eden is a powerful Terrain Card that grants the allied unit regenerative abilities. When standing on it, during the Upkeep Phase the unit will gain one life point back and will do see each turn until it reaches its max.


Ambush Cards

Ambush Cards use Soul Dice to be played, and while they require some of the most concentration and skill to perform, even Students without a streak of Machiavelli in them can learn to wield these cards to their advantage. Ambush Cards activate based on changes in their immediate vicinity, which means cards placed underneath the enemy will not trigger until another physical being enters that hex. Some Ambush Cards can be triggered by events within a certain radius, while others rely on your still of anticipating your target’s moving into a specific hex. From a mystical standpoint, the Essence of your Homunculus imbues these cards with the collected energies of some of the greatests strategists from history, so you can rely on their guidance while you fight in the Afterlife.


born in battle

Born in Battle

Born in Battle is one of the strongest Dark Fire Ambushes in the game costing at a whomping 7 Attack Dice! This Ambush destroys any enemy Minion that steps on it instantly. Not only that but it summons a HellSpawn in its place for you to control. It’s a Win-Win!




This is an Ambush that get be set off very easily. With a trigger radius of 1, all Minions (including your own) are attacked with six unblockable Defense Dice all across the board!. This card can effectively change the tides of battle for better or worse depending on your strategy.


Glyph Cards

Glyph Cards can require a serious amount of concentration and skill to be played, not because they are hidden but because they are Physical like Minions and transparent like Terrain. They can be targeted by Minions, Wandering Monsters and Homunculi but do not occupy space on the board. A Glyph can not be placed on a Glyph. Glyphs resemble Ambushes in the sense that they can affect multiple tiles surrounding it. In a sense they act as a beacon or a stationary Enchantment producer, but unlike Enchantments, the effect is only temporary and will disappear after a short time. 




This Light Earth Glyph has a lot of utility and newer players may not understand its effectiveness. When enemies are within radius 2 of the Glyph, they can only target the Homunculus. Although the idea of the game is to keep your Homunculus alive this may be counter productive but in fact it can prevent attacks altogether. Using Minions to shield your Homunculus can effectively negate any attacks to you and your Minions!


Ring of fire

Ring Of Fire

This Dark Fire Glyph not only has a Knockback of two tiles but will damage your opponents for 2 damage. It literally sends a pulsing ring of fire hitting enemies within radius 2. This card provides great board control and offensive and defensive capabilities. 


Spell Cards

The Students in the Afterlife do not call upon demons or spiritual forces to perform Spells for them, instead their Homunculus taps into the power of its mind to take the card from the deck and unleash its effects upon the target. Spell Cards are used to target far away tiles and enemy creatures to keep the enemy at bay as well as on its toes. The Memory aspect of the homunculus channels the innate energy within the Spell Card and directs it towards your target. As such, all Spells will use Mind Dice to be played.


Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn

This Dark Fire Spell will encase the board in flames and deal three spell damage to all Minions on the board. That includes your own so you may want to use this card when you are being bombarded with Minions.  



Honor Thy Dead

This Light Earth Spell is used to buy you some extra time if you are being flooded with Minions or Wandering Monsters. Honor Thy Dead skips each teams Attack Phase effectively delaying what could have been your last turn!


Enchant Cards

The Enchantments work similar to the Spells in that they use Mind Dice to be played, but their focus is less on general havoc and more on altering a specific target or group of targets. Remember that an Enchantment is not always an Enhancement; it simply means that a change is underway, which is not always beneficial for the target. The Enchantment Card melds with the target to enhance or break down their physical being. Many Enchantments focus on allowing your Homunculus or Minions to be positively augmented but there are also plenty of Enchantments to be used to negatively affect an enemy Homunculus, Minion, or even Monsters.




Ignite is a Dark Fire Card that increases the movement of your Minion by one and grants them Charge 2. Think of it like lighting your Minion on fire and having it run after your opponent! If that sounds scary then it should be!



Divine Favor

Divine Favor provides a high level of sustainability to your Minion lucky enough to get it. This Minion will gain Sanctuary 1 and Aegis 2 meaning it can withstand most Magical and Astral Card attacks. 


Minion Cards

Minion Cards are summoned to the battlefield using the Body Dice of the Homunculus. These cards create sentient beings in the Afterlife. Think of playing these cards as your Homunculus extending its own physical presence into the new Minion. As such, the transmutation of its Body into the new being can only occur on an adjacent hex.




He has five life points, six attack and three defense. So not only is it going to hurt when he hits you, but you will suffer from his passive ability Burn 3/3(three points of damage for three turns).  Eldjötnar will cost you six attack dice to play and you can only play one at a time, unlike other Minions. The Eldjötnar is based off of the Norse Mythology creatures known as the jötunn, which roughly translates to giants. It is said they live in Muspelheim, the realm of fire, which is one of nine worlds. The lore of this mythical beast makes it a perfect minion for the Dark Fire deck. It’s destiny is to destroy the world and It's sheer size is intimidating to other players.




The Paladin is the strongest card in the Light Earth deck and where Eldjötnar is clearly a brute and designed to kill fast. The Paladin is a tank and takes a fair amount of strategy to make him a force to be reckoned with. The Paladin costs seven attack dice to play and has three attack and four defense dice. This Epic Minion has six life points and has the abilities Regenerate 1, Intercept, Protection 1, and Aegis 1. He can brush off damage like no other Minion and can protect allied units using Intercept. The opponent will want to take him down quickly!


Boss Cards

Boss Cards represent the monsters and presences that you will face in the Afterlife. When you defeat a boss in battle, there is a chance that their card will drop, so if you’re lucky, these powerful adversaries can be brought into your own army. The Boss Card is a reflection of what you have faced, and is certain to be a powerful addition to any deck.


Spawn of Fenris

Spawn of Fenris

The Spawn of Fenris is a boss that can be seen in the Blighted Mire. It resides inside the forgotten waterfall and will reveal itself multiple turns after the Bog Slave. This corrupted canine should not be taken lightly. In fact, you should probably kill it as soon as it reveals itself. The Spawn of Fenris will take down your weakest minions first. Its passive ability, Consume, allows the wolf to gain an additional attack and defense dice and if you cut its health to 25%, it will gain another defense dice. After four consumption's, the Spawn of Fenris will go directly to your homunculus so I hope you have a lot of body defense dice.  You should also be wary of its Ghost Step passive.  The Spawn of Fenris can pass through any occupied tiles and if it has less than 25% health it will even deal one damage to anything in its path.



Bog Slave

The Bog Slave was once a man like you or I but his soul was corrupted and chained to the statues in the Blighted Mire. If that wasn’t enough these souls are toyed with the chances of freedom only to be a slave to the Bog Parasites surrounding the Fall of Man statues. It’s big, beefy and packs a punch. It’s soul purpose is to kill the homunculus and will strike down your minions if you try to block him out. With 7 Attack Dice, it will kill most low cost minions and if that wasn’t enough, it will take its spot with once it kills said minion. The Bog Slave also has 8 defense dice and 16 life points and don’t let the mind of a Bog Parasite fool you. The Bog Slave will defend the first attack with 5 dice so if you think you can lure it to defend with all of its dice think again! It will take two attacks to remove all of its dice for the turn so plan your strategy around that.

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