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The Blighted Mire 

In the Visions of Zosimos, some allusions were made to places within the Afterlife, and one of those places was the Blighted Mire. In this swampy forest, you’ll find the half-sunken relics of a former civilization, guarded by twisted, warped beings who used to be bright and beautiful. Tied now to this section of the Afterlife, there is an ever-renewing battle between the bog and the Students of the Visions, who seek to one day clear the tainted memories from this place.



This board has the player face not only other players, but also the environment.  Wandering Monsters and Bosses are on each side of the Mire, giving each team a set of enemies to defeat to gain Victory Points. You can also make use of those same Wandering Monsters as well as the Boss fighting against your opponent and simply run interference. The major drawback to this strategy is that your own Boss might be left to roam freely and attack you while your focus is on the other end of the map. 


Developers Tip!

Make use of Spells and sneaky Ambushes to collect Victory Points.  Join in on their side of the board and as they attempt to defeat a Wandering Monster, your goal is to have a Spell or Ambush in place to kill it off before they can, thus gaining the points for yourself. This strategy is based on denying Victory Points to your opponent.




Cathedral of Bones

Currently used as our premiere PVP arena, The Cathedral of Bones is a place where the fallen angels known as the Grigori used to fight and train. Now, only the Grigori Outcast remains and he is the lord of this Arena. Silently watching from his throne, he may look dispassionate, but beware his wrath if he decides to join your battle! An enhanced version of the Cathedral of Bones is coming soon!



Positioning around the pillars on this map allows you to pull your opponent through choke points or force them to spend an entire turn simply attempting to get a good position against you. Something that will frequently happen, whether or not you have the first move, is that your opponent will manage to set a Minion or movement limiting Ambush into one of these choke points. The thing to look out for, once this happens, is a pincer attack with your opponent moving in their Homunculus from the side closest to your Homunculus and one or two of their Minions moving in from the other. 


Developers Tip!

If you have the first move, move around the outside of the pillars and set up shop next to the opening between two of the pillars. Note that this strategy requires an Astral card and a Physical Card. It takes 3 movement from your homunculus to reach the outside edge of one of the two pillars on your side of the map. From here you’re able to play an Ambush either between the two pillars, effectively warding off your opponents coming in from that direction, or towards the other pillar. Simply by this alone you gain a very good hold on how your opponent will move.

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Materia Cards

The powers that you wield in battle are based on the principles of alchemical creation. The three building blocks of the Homunculus are reflected in Materia Cards known as Construct, Essence, and Memories. These cards add to the power and functionality of your Homunculus.


vlad tepes

Vladimir "The Impaler" Tepes

Vladimir Tepes was a member of House of Drăculești and became the inspiration to what we now know as Dracula. Vlad was the Prince of Wallachia and considered a folk hero in Romania. He battled with the Ottoman Empire, claimed a victory against them after a surprise attack at Hamza Bey, and was given the nickname of “the Impaler” for how he impaled his enemies and even some of his own troops to cause fear in the opposing forces. The Essence of Vlad the Impaler allowing the Homunculus to sacrifice a Minion to become a Glyph on the battlefield.


Albertus Magnus

Saint Albertus Magnus

Saint Albertus Magnus or Albert the Great is a Catholic Saint and is known as the Doctor of the Church.  After his death, his work as an Alchemist became more and more apparent, the works that surfaced spoke of how he mastered the art of alchemy and the power of stones. In his alchemical works, he is credited with discovering the Philosopher’s Stone and those works keep his Memories alive, allowing for the easy discovery of Ambushes placed by his opponents.


Terrain Cards

Terrain Cards are some of the most dynamic of the cards available. They can be played each turn, but can also be destroyed to harness the power of the element which they represent. This power gives the Homunculus a boost of energy, and once the energy is expelled it cannot be used again.


Red Twins

Red Twins

Think of the Red Twins as a mountain range but with volcanoes. The Red Twins has chain three which means that it creates the same card adjacent to itself in any spot you choose three times! Whatever opponent steps on this card will take 1 direct Astral damage making this the perfect, offensive and defensive card.




Eden is a powerful Terrain Card that grants the allied unit regenerative abilities. When standing on it, during the Upkeep Phase the unit will gain one life point back and will do see each turn until it reaches its max.


Ambush Cards

Ambush Cards use Soul Dice to be played, and while they require some of the most concentration and skill to perform, even Students without a streak of Machiavelli in them can learn to wield these cards to their advantage. Ambush Cards activate based on changes in their immediate vicinity, which means cards placed underneath the enemy will not trigger until another physical being enters that hex. Some Ambush Cards can be triggered by events within a certain radius, while others rely on your still of anticipating your target’s moving into a specific hex. From a mystical standpoint, the Essence of your Homunculus imbues these cards with the collected energies of some of the greatests strategists from history, so you can rely on their guidance while you fight in the Afterlife.


born in battle

Born in Battle

Born in Battle is one of the strongest Dark Fire Ambushes in the game costing at a whomping 7 Attack Dice! This Ambush destroys any enemy Minion that steps on it instantly. Not only that but it summons a HellSpawn in its place for you to control. It’s a Win-Win!




This is an Ambush that get be set off very easily. With a trigger radius of 1, all Minions (including your own) are attacked with six unblockable Defense Dice all across the board!. This card can effectively change the tides of battle for better or worse depending on your strategy.


Glyph Cards

Glyph Cards can require a serious amount of concentration and skill to be played, not because they are hidden but because they are Physical like Minions and transparent like Terrain. They can be targeted by Minions, Wandering Monsters and Homunculi but do not occupy space on the board. A Glyph can not be placed on a Glyph. Glyphs resemble Ambushes in the sense that they can affect multiple tiles surrounding it. In a sense they act as a beacon or a stationary Enchantment producer, but unlike Enchantments, the effect is only temporary and will disappear after a short time. 




This Light Earth Glyph has a lot of utility and newer players may not understand its effectiveness. When enemies are within radius 2 of the Glyph, they can only target the Homunculus. Although the idea of the game is to keep your Homunculus alive this may be counter productive but in fact it can prevent attacks altogether. Using Minions to shield your Homunculus can effectively negate any attacks to you and your Minions!


Ring of fire

Ring Of Fire

This Dark Fire Glyph not only has a Knockback of two tiles but will damage your opponents for 2 damage. It literally sends a pulsing ring of fire hitting enemies within radius 2. This card provides great board control and offensive and defensive capabilities. 


Spell Cards

The Students in the Afterlife do not call upon demons or spiritual forces to perform Spells for them, instead their Homunculus taps into the power of its mind to take the card from the deck and unleash its effects upon the target. Spell Cards are used to target far away tiles and enemy creatures to keep the enemy at bay as well as on its toes. The Memory aspect of the homunculus channels the innate energy within the Spell Card and directs it towards your target. As such, all Spells will use Mind Dice to be played.


Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn

This Dark Fire Spell will encase the board in flames and deal three spell damage to all Minions on the board. That includes your own so you may want to use this card when you are being bombarded with Minions.  



Honor Thy Dead

This Light Earth Spell is used to buy you some extra time if you are being flooded with Minions or Wandering Monsters. Honor Thy Dead skips each teams Attack Phase effectively delaying what could have been your last turn!


Enchant Cards

The Enchantments work similar to the Spells in that they use Mind Dice to be played, but their focus is less on general havoc and more on altering a specific target or group of targets. Remember that an Enchantment is not always an Enhancement; it simply means that a change is underway, which is not always beneficial for the target. The Enchantment Card melds with the target to enhance or break down their physical being. Many Enchantments focus on allowing your Homunculus or Minions to be positively augmented but there are also plenty of Enchantments to be used to negatively affect an enemy Homunculus, Minion, or even Monsters.




Ignite is a Dark Fire Card that increases the movement of your Minion by one and grants them Charge 2. Think of it like lighting your Minion on fire and having it run after your opponent! If that sounds scary then it should be!



Divine Favor

Divine Favor provides a high level of sustainability to your Minion lucky enough to get it. This Minion will gain Sanctuary 1 and Aegis 2 meaning it can withstand most Magical and Astral Card attacks. 


Minion Cards

Minion Cards are summoned to the battlefield using the Body Dice of the Homunculus. These cards create sentient beings in the Afterlife. Think of playing these cards as your Homunculus extending its own physical presence into the new Minion. As such, the transmutation of its Body into the new being can only occur on an adjacent hex.




He has five life points, six attack and three defense. So not only is it going to hurt when he hits you, but you will suffer from his passive ability Burn 3/3(three points of damage for three turns).  Eldjötnar will cost you six attack dice to play and you can only play one at a time, unlike other Minions. The Eldjötnar is based off of the Norse Mythology creatures known as the jötunn, which roughly translates to giants. It is said they live in Muspelheim, the realm of fire, which is one of nine worlds. The lore of this mythical beast makes it a perfect minion for the Dark Fire deck. It’s destiny is to destroy the world and It's sheer size is intimidating to other players.




The Paladin is the strongest card in the Light Earth deck and where Eldjötnar is clearly a brute and designed to kill fast. The Paladin is a tank and takes a fair amount of strategy to make him a force to be reckoned with. The Paladin costs seven attack dice to play and has three attack and four defense dice. This Epic Minion has six life points and has the abilities Regenerate 1, Intercept, Protection 1, and Aegis 1. He can brush off damage like no other Minion and can protect allied units using Intercept. The opponent will want to take him down quickly!


Boss Cards

Boss Cards represent the monsters and presences that you will face in the Afterlife. When you defeat a boss in battle, there is a chance that their card will drop, so if you’re lucky, these powerful adversaries can be brought into your own army. The Boss Card is a reflection of what you have faced, and is certain to be a powerful addition to any deck.


Spawn of Fenris

Spawn of Fenris

The Spawn of Fenris is a boss that can be seen in the Blighted Mire. It resides inside the forgotten waterfall and will reveal itself multiple turns after the Bog Slave. This corrupted canine should not be taken lightly. In fact, you should probably kill it as soon as it reveals itself. The Spawn of Fenris will take down your weakest minions first. Its passive ability, Consume, allows the wolf to gain an additional attack and defense dice and if you cut its health to 25%, it will gain another defense dice. After four consumption's, the Spawn of Fenris will go directly to your homunculus so I hope you have a lot of body defense dice.  You should also be wary of its Ghost Step passive.  The Spawn of Fenris can pass through any occupied tiles and if it has less than 25% health it will even deal one damage to anything in its path.



Bog Slave

The Bog Slave was once a man like you or I but his soul was corrupted and chained to the statues in the Blighted Mire. If that wasn’t enough these souls are toyed with the chances of freedom only to be a slave to the Bog Parasites surrounding the Fall of Man statues. It’s big, beefy and packs a punch. It’s soul purpose is to kill the homunculus and will strike down your minions if you try to block him out. With 7 Attack Dice, it will kill most low cost minions and if that wasn’t enough, it will take its spot with once it kills said minion. The Bog Slave also has 8 defense dice and 16 life points and don’t let the mind of a Bog Parasite fool you. The Bog Slave will defend the first attack with 5 dice so if you think you can lure it to defend with all of its dice think again! It will take two attacks to remove all of its dice for the turn so plan your strategy around that.

Battle of the Void Spider WIP


 tactics 4

When you begin Visions of Zosimos, there will be two premade decks that players can not only test out but be able to play competitvely.


The Light Earth and Dark Fire Starter Decks utilize all three of the Homunculus dice pools. If you want to play a defense heavy deck that utilizes Mind and Soul pools to buff your minions offense and defense, the Light Earth deck is made for. If you want to play an offense heavy deck that utilizes status effects to continously deal damage from from away, then Dark Fire is the deck for you.  


Visions of Zosimos: About 

 Getting Started


Game Basics








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What is VoZ?


Collectible Card Game MMO:

Collect and Craft Cards to build powerful decks and Homunculi while battling other Alchemists in the worlds of the Afterlife.


Target Audience: 

(Ages 10+) Visions of Zosmios is aimed for Table top card/strategy game players, as well as board and collectible card games players. 


Play Styles: 

Play classic Deathmatch against opposing players or fight solo against wandering monsters to achieve Victory Points!


Coming Soon!

Questing (Tarot)

Crafting (Cards)




Fulcrum Cards (Realmless)

Void Realm (Free 2 Play!)

Air & Water (Elements)



Claim Victory in the Afterlife


Victory is claimed from the player with the best strategy and tactics. In a Player Vs. Player match, victory is achieved when the opposing teams homunculi are defeated. In a Player Vs.Player Vs. Enemy match, the team with the most Victory Points will win the match. Victory Points are claimed through various challenges based on the Board and defeating Wandering Monsters, Bosses and Homunculi. 


Know your Phases

When you get into a game, you are going to want to know the phases of the game so you can plan out your strategies for each upcoming phase.


  Upkeep: Abilities with a duration or ‘Upkeep’ note activate. Inactive Dice also move along the noted rotation and become Active.
Draw  Draw Phase: Draw up to three cards from your deck. Maximum hand size is 6. 
Transfer Transfer Phase: Gain 2 Dice for your resource pools. These Dice cannot be placed into the same pool, but can be placed on either the Active Attack or Defensive sides. Transfer up to 2 Dice in any pool from Attack to Defense or vice versa. Dice must remain within their pools. 

Example: Add 1 Dice to Body Attack and 1 to Soul Defense.

Example: Cannot add 1 to Mind Attack and 1 to Mind Defense.

Movement Move Phase: Move your units within a range notated on their card. Units may not pass through each other unless otherwise stated. When a unit moves they then face the direction that they moved. Units cannot stand on a half hex. A Unit can spend 1 movement to turn and face any direction. Activate abilities noted ‘Movement.’
Play Play Phase: Player cards from your hand onto the field. You may also activate abilities noted ‘Play.’

Cast ranges from your Homunculus: Physical Cards 1, Magical Cards 5, Astral Cards 3

Battle Battle Phase: Make attacks against opposing units. Those units may then defend against your attacks. Activate abilities noted ‘Combat.’ A Unit may not make and attack in the same turn it uses a Combat ability.
Discard 2 Discard Phase: You may discard up to two cards from your Hand to your Discard. 


Manage Your Resources

Visions of Zosimos is not your typical CCG when it comes to Resource Management. The Transfer Phase gives you more resources on each turn and the Terrain Cards can give you additional dice if they are scrapped. This is fairly straight forward but the Flux is not. The Flux is when you play a card from an active pool, those dice will be switched to inactive.


The Flux is a cycle that can be fluctuated from attacking, defending, and playing cards. The key is to always think a couple moves ahead. If you have a minion that costs 4 Attack Dice and a minion that costs 5 Defense Dice, playing the minion with 4 Attack Dice first will allow you to play the 5 Defense minion on your next turn assuming you gain a dice on your next Transfer phase or you had one in the defense pool previously. Low cost cards can help keep your pools in a constant Flux making it easier to Transfer Dice for when your big costing card is drawn. 


A Deeper Look at Movement and Combat

  •  Units may make one Attack during the Combat Phase making every movement count. Targets must be within range of the Attacker which is indicated on the Units Card. Units may only Attack targets in their Combat Area, or Front-Arc. Units with range 2 or greater may attack any tile in that area other than those in their immediate Back-Arc.


  • When a Homunculus is Attacked they must Defend using the pool that they are being attacked with. You are able to defend incoming damage from Minions with the Body Pool, Spells or Enchants with the Mind Pool, and defend against damage from Ambushes, Glyphs, and Terrain using the Soul Pool. Any damage can be defended against.


  • When checking successful rolls, either Attacking or Defending, 1-3's are counted as fails, 4-6's are counted as successes or hits. Units have the option of not using all of their dice in one Attack or Defense. Once a Unit has used all of its dice, those dice cannot be used again until the start of that player’s next turn. 


  • When standing in a unit's Back-Arc, that unit will gain +2 Attack dice when making an attack against that unit. Going for the Back-Arc is an optimal strategy to dealing additional damage but it can leave your Unit vulnerable if you don't pay attention to the opposing units and what could very well lead to multiple back stabs to yourself.
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Getting Started

330 559 The Throes of Creation 5


Get the Game: 


Visions of Zosioms is a Free to Play game that will be released 
on Steam soon! Until then, you can send us a direct email at and request an Alpha Key!


Log into the game:


When you first open the game, you will run into the log in screen.
You can create a new account by clicking Log In or clicking on one
of your accounts and clicking Go to Lobby.




Explore the Lobby: 


Once in the Lobby, you can join matches and chat with other
players! Before you join a match, you will need to create a
deck and a Homunculus first!


The Lobby will be your gateway to the Store to buy Cards to
build out your Homunculus and Deck as well as other goodies.


You can also check the Library for Gameplay Tips and Lore Bits.




Create your Homunculus:


Your Homunculus is your way for your student to interact with their
deck in the dangers of the Afterlife. It is an amalgamtion of Materia
that you directly control. By clicking on the Lab you can create your


Your new Homunculus will represent a different Faction or Element
for a new Deck. 
To the right, you can see the three different Materia
that makes up a Homunculus. By clicking on any of the three
Images, a wheel of selectable Materia cards of that type will appear.

Note that only certain combinations of Materia cards can be made
based on their Realm and Element.




Create your first Deck: 


A Deck can consist of 35 cards with a reccommended max of 60. Your 
deck can consist of Physical, Magical and Astral Cards that require 
Body, Mind and Soul Dice to use. You will want to have a mix of Attack 
Cost and Defense Cost cards to keep your dice pools in a constant flux. 


You will also want to keep track of the costs value itself to play cards 
early in the game or play the big ones near the end!


deck 2




2 minion banner

Alchemy Based Crafting


As a Student in the Afterlife, you will not only be creating Homunculi and building decks but crafting cards as well. As you venture into the Afterlife you will collect Materials that can be used to create cards. You will also be able to break down cards you have extras of or cards you don't need. 


The Materials you collect will then be placed within the rings of an Alchemic Circle. The Materials you collect are based on the Planets; Salt, Sulphur, Coal, Blood, Nitrus, Sugar, and Root. The rarer the card the more Materials you will need to enchant. It also means when you disenchant the card, or breakdown, you will gain more Materials.


As you play the game, you will discover the formulae that allow you to craft the cards that you desire. Sharing you rknowledge with the other Students could also reward you with their discoveries and knowledge of Alchemy! If you're feeling that luck is on your side, there are also ways to experiement with different combinations of Materials.

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Factions Within The Afterlife

The Afterlife is split not only among Light and Dark but across the Elements as well. There are allies between the Elements and even across the Realms. Who you choose to fight with or against is up to you! Currently, there are two playable factions, with more planned for the future.


Dark Fire

The passion in your soul. Can you feel it? There is a spark that has been ignited in all of us. To ignore it is to deny one’s own existence. To deny such a spark is to deny the origin of mankind’s true nature. We are passionate beings! We crave the things that make us whole and eliminate all obstructions.

Consider the nature of a simple campfire. It provides light and warmth but it stagnates in confinement. It needs to be freed from bondage. The passions of heat and flame should flow freely, bringing power and fury across the land. Control is not possible without the destructive force being used to effect change. Well channeled, Fire is an unstoppable force. A campfire...Ha!


Light Earth

The Earth is life. The Light from above helps it grow. Together, a strength of nature is born. We are the great defenders of the land. As far as the eye can see, where the light touches the ground, we live. We get our strength from the land itself...our food, our tools, our bodies, our very souls.

From the tips of the tallest mountains to the depths of the deepest holes, the earth exists and thrives. All strength, determination and will come from the ground and stones upon which we walk...guiding us throughout our entire lives. Purity of heart and soul lead to a purity of body and mind. And what is more pure than the Earth?

Peace, health, and long life are the goals that the Defensores Orbis Terrarum are here to protect. Strength and stability from the Earth translated to power and life and no power above or below the land can bring it asunder. For the mountain shall and will always be, our home.

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The Tree of Life is not only a physical entity in the Afterlife but a philosophical entity in which the Alchemists of all Realms believe in.


The Alchemists of Light represent the Leaves and the Branches. They require the light of the sun to survive. Like the very branches of the Tree, the Light Realm looks down upon students of the Dark Realm and all other beings below it.


The Alchemists of the Dark Realm represent the roots of the Tree. Like the roots, the Dark Alchemists thrive in the depths,knowing that the seed started in the ground. They believe that the Light Alchemists are naive for believing that there was light before darkness when the Tree itself grew from darkness. 


Each Realm contains all of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. There are also combinations of the Elements that have yet to be fully realized.

  VoZ Tree of Life


Void Icon


Fulcrum Icon


The Void represents the area between light and dark. It connects the Light and Dark Realms together but has no room for any of the Elements. The Void’s inclusion on the Tree has been debated for centuries. The followers of Light believe that they put it in the middle of the Tree because it has already corrupted the forces of Dark and is pushing its way up towards the tree while the Dark side would believe the opposite. It was also said to be the force that divides the two and each force is working its way to control the entire Tree. The Void is the only force keeping them from achieving their goals. The former is the more accepted of the theories. 


Neutral and impartial, the Fulcrum is the stuff that makes up the spaces between, that connects all of the Elements together in the center for both Light and Dark.  While the Void is a nothingness that consumes and takes over, the Fulcrum is an everything or Force that binds Creation and the Afterlife together. 


The Fulcrum was once the center of the Tree of Life and the Void was the surrounding force around the Tree. It wasn’t until recently that the Tree was changed because of the corruption of the Void, which we classify as its own Realm, as Light or Dark are Realms. The Fulcrum acts more like an Element because it is within all things. It can encompass and accept the Light or Dark but can not become joined with the Void.


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~300 AD

Zosimos of Panopolis is born, in his lifetime he studies Alchemy and writes what will be known as "the Visions of Zosimos"

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John Dee is born 


Zosimos the Moravian is born

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  timeline dots small


Zosimos the Moravian arrives in Paris and begins his career as a scribe to Nostradamus


Nostradamus dies

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  timeline dots


St Bartholomew Massacre.  Zosimos’ library is seized by the Inquisition. Because of the patronage of the Medici’s some of the library including his Visions eventually make their way into the Laurentian Library in Florence. Fearing for his life, Zosimos travels to England where he continues his studies with John Dee.


Zosimos the Moravian and John Dee die, of unrelated causes 

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  timeline dots small


Edward Seagrave, a student of Zosimos, joins the faculty of the University of Edinburgh and brings with him the Visions manuscripts


Isaac Newton born

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Newton publishes Hypothesis of Light.  At this time he is influenced by the Theosophist Henry More and his interest in alchemy is revived.


Isaac Newton dies partly from mercury poisoning from his experiments in Alchemy. John Maynard Keynes writes that "Newton was not the first of the age of reason: He was the last of the magicians."

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The Zosimos manuscripts are discovered in the Edinburgh Library by Alex Troughton


Alex Troughton is killed in action in the Battle of Loos

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  timeline dots small


The manuscripts of the early Visions are found the Laurentian Library in Florence


Bertold Slate is born

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Slate discovers the “English” Visions in the Library of Edinburgh University


Slate discovers that the Visions from the Edinburgh Library and those from the Laurentian Library are by the same author, the enigmatic Zosimos of Moravia

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  timeline dots


Slate begins to have powerful Visions.  He believes that he is accessing the Akashic Record in attunement with the previous Zosimos visionaries.  He has found evidence of other obscure mystics who have shared this attunement, but were driven mad by what they had seen.


Slate begins to share the Visions with colleagues

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‘The Architect’ becomes involved in the project and creates the virtual world of VoZ. Some might consider The Architect to be more of an “Avatar of Zosimos” than even Slate, given the understanding he was granted.


The Void is discovered, creeping into the programming and corrupting the code.  The Architect and Slate begin to collect the data and formulate a set of Void cards that can be used to fight in the afterlife.

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Slate realizes that the battle has become too unstable, and begins to promote the game in order to find new players to combat the threat


Time within the Visions of Zosimos has been altered and corrupted by the Void. The Past, Present and Future are now intertwined. Slate declares: "The battle must be won, or we will all be lost."

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The Afterlife is at stake, and only those who pursue the Visions of Zosimos can hope to save it. Build your Homunculus with the Elements and bind them with the Essences of Ancient Alchemists! Command your Homunculus against other aspiring Alchemists from competing schools across multiple Realms. Battle your foes on strategic, hex based, battlefields while summoning minions, casting spells and laying ambushes from your pre-built decks to thwart your enemies. Your quest for Immortality begins now!



Bertold Slate

Zosimos the Moravian & Betrold Slate


In the 16th century, a mystic known as Zosimos the Moravian recorded his visions and alchemical insights in a series of manuscripts that hearken back to the original manuscripts from 300 AD written by Zosimos of Panopolis. At the time, his writings were not widely accepted because of their heretical nature, and most copies were destroyed or lost to time. Recently, surviving copies were were brought to light by Bertold Slate, a Professor of 16th century studies.


After reading through the Visions Manuscripts, Slate realized that he had to share what he had learned or be damned to see the world slowly be drawn deeper and deeper into chaos. He saw signs of darkness everywhere and his words of caution soon began to attract the attention of other like minded scholars and modern mystics. Things truly changed when he shared the Visions with a friend who was a Computer Science professor. Together they began to create a program that could express the complex formulae of the arcane texts in the language of computers, gathering select programmers and theologians to create an interface for this mystical learning. This ‘game’ is that interface, allowing novices to be inducted into an eternal struggle for the very nature of existence, for the Visions are not only teachings in Alchemy and Mysticism but they are also a dire warning for our very souls.


When you begin to play, you become a student of the Visions. Students create their own homunculus that will represent them in battles. The homunculus and cards are manifestations of power generated by the arcane mathematical coding of the Visions Program. The player becomes empowered with the addition of cards which are earned through exploration, victory, or purchase. These are tools for mastering the maps and adversaries in the great struggle, they allow the initiated to travel the path towards triumph, desolation, and even immortality.



Light, Dark, and the Elements


There is an eternal struggle between the Light and the Dark. In the middle of that struggle is the Void, a pestilence that takes root and subverts, corrupts, and alters the traditional architectures of arcane power. There is a tendency to think that the Dark is a natural ally of the Void, but that is not so. Instead, the Dark is motivated by powerful negative emotions and is only interested in its own glory and gain. As for the Light, they fight for enlightenment and seek to create an order based on the abolishment of Darkness. One should also keep in mind that the classic notion of Light as Goodness and Dark as Evil is not always so- everything in the afterlife is not black and white.


Into this mix, we must consider the Elements; the core of which are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each has facets that reflect Light or Darkness, each has parts that when combined can create more powerful Elements. Each Element has its own properties and presents interesting conduits of power for the initiated who can wield them.


And so the Elements are in flux and the battle rages on. Yet, through it all, there is one force not yet mentioned: the Grey, the Fulcrum. Neutral and impartial, the Fulcrum is the stuff that makes up the spaces between, that connects light and dark and eases the transition. While the Void is a nothingness that consumes and takes over, the Fulcrum is an everything, the Force that binds Creation and the Afterlife together in Harmony.




As a new student entering the Afterlife for the first time you should understand the philosophies of the Light and Dark Realm followers. Most of the people you will meet in the afterlife are ones who grew up being taught what was inherently right and wrong from their parents. The idea of good and evil has almost become instinctual in the Afterlife when to an outsider, you will realize it is not so black and white as we stated before. When it comes down to it, both Light and Dark are after the same thing. As a Student of the Visions, only over time will you learn to know the difference.



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