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The Blighted Mire 

In the Visions of Zosimos, some allusions were made to places within the Afterlife, and one of those places was the Blighted Mire. In this swampy forest, you’ll find the half-sunken relics of a former civilization, guarded by twisted, warped beings who used to be bright and beautiful. Tied now to this section of the Afterlife, there is an ever-renewing battle between the bog and the Students of the Visions, who seek to one day clear the tainted memories from this place.



This board has the player face not only other players, but also the environment.  Wandering Monsters and Bosses are on each side of the Mire, giving each team a set of enemies to defeat to gain Victory Points. You can also make use of those same Wandering Monsters as well as the Boss fighting against your opponent and simply run interference. The major drawback to this strategy is that your own Boss might be left to roam freely and attack you while your focus is on the other end of the map. 


Developers Tip!

Make use of Spells and sneaky Ambushes to collect Victory Points.  Join in on their side of the board and as they attempt to defeat a Wandering Monster, your goal is to have a Spell or Ambush in place to kill it off before they can, thus gaining the points for yourself. This strategy is based on denying Victory Points to your opponent.




Cathedral of Bones

Currently used as our premiere PVP arena, The Cathedral of Bones is a place where the fallen angels known as the Grigori used to fight and train. Now, only the Grigori Outcast remains and he is the lord of this Arena. Silently watching from his throne, he may look dispassionate, but beware his wrath if he decides to join your battle! An enhanced version of the Cathedral of Bones is coming soon!



Positioning around the pillars on this map allows you to pull your opponent through choke points or force them to spend an entire turn simply attempting to get a good position against you. Something that will frequently happen, whether or not you have the first move, is that your opponent will manage to set a Minion or movement limiting Ambush into one of these choke points. The thing to look out for, once this happens, is a pincer attack with your opponent moving in their Homunculus from the side closest to your Homunculus and one or two of their Minions moving in from the other. 


Developers Tip!

If you have the first move, move around the outside of the pillars and set up shop next to the opening between two of the pillars. Note that this strategy requires an Astral card and a Physical Card. It takes 3 movement from your homunculus to reach the outside edge of one of the two pillars on your side of the map. From here you’re able to play an Ambush either between the two pillars, effectively warding off your opponents coming in from that direction, or towards the other pillar. Simply by this alone you gain a very good hold on how your opponent will move.

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