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Mission and Purpose
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Before time began, we were voiceless.  We were impulse and ego, thoughts and drives of the simple and infinite. We knew nothing beyond ourselves, the concepts of time and space terrifying and aberrant to us.  And then, in the absence of life and shape and structure, a single spot of energy formed.
    We took notice, and for the first time, turned our vast consciousness towards something beyond ourselves. We listened as the first songs were sung, the harmony and cacophony of creation and destruction clashing and melding into something new and exciting.
    We were intrigued. We were terrified. We were determined that this would survive and thrive under our care, its two melodies flourishing and evolving into a symphony of the new. It could not be preserved as it was, nor would it be contained, so we allowed it to grow unstable and volatile, having calculated a stable end result.
    And when we came face to face with the consequence of our calculations, it was overwhelming. We estimated a stable equation, and instead were greeted with the building blocks of life. We perceived time as decay and entropy set in, the Universe beginning its slow descent into death from the very moment of its creation.
    And in that moment, we knew our voices.
    Who? What? Why?
    For the first time in our ancient memory, stretching back from before time began, we spoke; for the first time, seeking understanding of something.  And we knew that this was our penultimate purpose - from the core of our being, the balance on which the Fulcrum rests. Ours was to ensure a stable and living Universe was sustained. Only we, with our advanced understanding of the necessity of stability and preservation, had the power to keep this vast, fragile thing from collapsing in on itself and devouring all life within it.
    Only we had the resolve to keep the light of creation; only we understand that our charge is a finite one.
    For all actions, there is a reaction, both equal and opposite. The birth of a universe is no exception. So, while we work to preserve life, others will seek to end it. One cannot be destroyed without endangering the other, so, we do as we have always done.
    We calculate. We balance. And we seek to maintain order in a universe beset by chaos.
    Balance decrees that all things borne of the Universe will eventually die. And as the universe is a conscious entity, seeking to understand itself, then so to shall universe perish as well. We cannot change that – it is not our place. Our mission and purpose is to delay. So, while the Light wars and rages against the Dark, we maintain stability by ensuring that life continues relatively unimpeded by their rampage.  A maelstrom of destruction without purpose seeks to prematurely end that which we hold as our charge. It would consume reality as petty vengeance for its very existence, for it is the reaction to creation – its equal and opposite.
    A time will come when the Darkness and the Light must set aside their petty struggle in order to face a threat greater than either of them.   Order and Domination will come face to face with Chaos and Entropy – the absence of logic and reason, of light and darkness, of life and understanding. The moment will arrive, and we will be forced to sing the funeral dirge of the Universe.
    And our voices, shaped by time and circumstance, will then grow silent and question no more.