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On Creation and Destruction
« on: October 08, 2014, 09:03:52 PM »
 We are the Fulcrum.  We have existed since before time began. 
    We are the first, the last, and the only custodians of existence.  We seek the preservation and continuation of all things for purposes beyond conventional understanding.  We are not good nor are we evil.  We are neither white nor black and live in both the Darkness and the Light. 
    We are Grey made manifest – enigmatic and arcane.
    Time is an invention of lesser races – nothing more than a concept for those that grow old and die to measure their rate of decay. 
    Before time, there were only the two songs – The melody of Creation and the cacophony of Destruction, both existing in perfect accord with one another.  The Fulcrum tended to these songs, and we let neither envelop the other, seeking to maintain the harmonious balance.  Both songs grew louder and wilder, wresting away from our influence and we allowed the songs to continue, unchallenged.  Our place was not to eradicate or enslave.  Ours was to calculate – to balance.  To take things as they came and ensure the continuation of existence.
    We held back as the music swelled and stood at rapt attention as the twin symphonies of reality sought to drown each other out, their songs growing savage and wild.  As we listened to those dread choirs, their songs began to blend.  Their voices, no longer seeking to dominate or destroy, began to fuse into a single melodic note - and in that moment of perfect unison, Creation and Destruction harmonized, exploding outwards in an infinite sea of matter and energy. 
    But that was long ago in a realm which now knows time.  And while the song is still sung it has begun to soften, eventually no songs will remain.  This is the way of all things born after the great explosion; the common, inscrutable color of life tempered by a nameless tune which shall, one day, be forgotten.
    There is, however, another realm; an equal and opposite where the concept of time is not of the finite but of the all-encompassing.  Where songs once sung still blare as loudly and triumphantly as the day their melody first entered into the realm of the living.  In this Afterlife all songs are sung simultaneously, as time is known only to those who can die.
    But the songs are only an impulse.   Matter and energy are required to fulfill the purpose of the song.  Balance and harmony maintained by physical limitation.  We’ve calculated the duality of existence and influenced the resulting cascade of life to maintain equilibrium.
    A question remains unanswered, however; a penultimate solution to which our vast powers of equation have yet to glean.  With this realm, encapsulated by the decaying magnitude of time, how can life continue when the only constant is death?

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Re: On Creation and Destruction
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I read the article I felt really good.

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Re: On Creation and Destruction
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Interesting to visualize how the world was before time.