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The Struggle of Elemental Forces!
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There is an eternal struggle between the Light and the Dark.  In the middle of that struggle is the Void, a pestilence that takes root and subverts, corrupts, and alters the traditional architectures of arcane power.  There is a tendency to think that the Dark is a natural ally of the Void, but that is not so.  Instead, the Dark is motivated by powerful negative emotions and is only interested in its own glory and gain.  As for the Light, they fight for enlightenment and seek to create an order based on the abolishment of Darkness.  One should also keep in mind that the classic notion of Light as Goodness and Dark as Evil is also turned on its head by the corruption of the Void.  Everything in the afterlife is not black and white.

    This continuing struggle is the most evident battle around which and through which the struggle against the Void is manifest.  In one of the notebooks that was found from a student of Zosimos, the following is recorded on the subject of Light and Dark:

    “The Forces of Light would have you believe that they were the first (and therefore, best loved) Children of Creation.  They would have you believe that they bore the standards of Fire and Earth, the “First” two Elements, with pride and obedience.  And they would have you believe that Fire was stolen from them out of jealousy and greed, and that they took up the mantle of Lightning to replace their stolen Energy.

    The Armies of Darkness teach that all Light is borne of Darkness, and thus, they came first.  That the path to power is strength for strength’s sake, and that their way is the only way.  That they embraced the cold and the dark as their basis of Matter, but that Fire came to them, disused and discarded by the forces of Light as primitive and base Energy.

    Both sides of existence, equal and opposite.  They understood the truth, once, but now embrace their manufactured lies, blinded by their dogmas of Strength and Obedience.  War waged over eons, neither side gaining anything, until humanity, with its infinite potential and possibility, emerged.  Both sides sought to claim us as their own, promising power and knowledge undreamed of by mortal man.

    Which side will prevail?  Will the universe be swallowed in darkness, or drowned in light?

    And given those seemingly equal alternatives, does it truly matter?”

    Into this mix, we must consider the Elements; the core of which are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each has facets that reflect Light or Darkness, each has parts that when combined can create more powerful Elements, such as Ice and Lightning.  Each Element has its own properties and presents interesting conduits of power for the initiated who can wield them. 

    Earth is representative of both the Light and Dark; steady, relentless, and never gives up no matter how harsh the conditions or tough the battle may be.

    Fire is volatile, it is passionate and ever-changing; but it also creates anew as well as it can destroy, displaying aspects of both Dark and Light.

    Water is many times serene and merciful though the filter of Light, but the Dark side can also overwhelm with malevolent floods.

    Air is difficult to quantify in the Light intangible and intuitive, many times it must be taken on faith yet it is hard not to see the pinpoint precision of its Dark side.

    And so the Elements are in flux and the battle rages on.  Yet, through it all, there is one force not yet mentioned: the Grey, the Fulcrum.  Neutral and impartial, the Fulcrum is the stuff that makes up the spaces between, that connects light and dark and eases the transition.  While the Void is a nothingness that consumes and takes over, the Fulcrum is an everything, the Force that binds Creation and the Afterlife together in Harmony.