Author Topic: The Lore of Visions of Zosimos  (Read 496 times)

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The Lore of Visions of Zosimos
« on: August 29, 2014, 02:04:11 PM »

Zosimos the Moravian was a mystic in the 16th century who recorded his visions and alchemical insights in a series of manuscripts.  They were not widely accepted because of their heretical nature, and most copies were destroyed. Lost to time, surviving copies were were brought to light by Bertold Slate, Professor at Hartford College, Oxford, whose focus was on 16th century mysticism, gnosticism, and hermetic alchemy. He read them, and as he read, he began to see connections to the works of Nostradamus and Dee.  He became the foremost authority on this otherwise much neglected figure and worked to create awareness not only of the works of Zosimos but of the profound truths he found revealed therein.  Initially, only his graduate students helped him in his work, but he soon began to attract the attention of other like minded scholars and modern mystics.  Things changed when he shared the Visions with a friend who was a mathematician and Computer Science professor. Together they began to create programs that could express the complex formulae of the arcane texts in the language of computers.  They then gathered select programmers and theologians to create an interface for this mystical learning.  This game is that interface, allowing novices to be inducted into an eternal struggle for the very nature of existence. 

When Slate and the Programmer created the online presence for the Visions of Zosimos, they created what they hoped would be the way to interact with the afterlife as Zosimos wrote in his Visions. (See the Vision video for more info.) It went fine for a while, and then they realized that code was becoming corrupt, and there was a ghost in the program- the Void.  Identifying it as a problem, they decided the only way to combat it was to embrace it and infiltrate it.  They deciphered the arcane mathematics of the code and pulled forth Void cards and cobbled together a homunculus that could work with them under control of a player's avatar.   

Realizing that infiltrating the Void was too much for them alone, they began a campaign to find new initiates to the ‘game’, ones who would takes these tools they were given and fight battles with them, not needing to delve further into the mystic Visions.  But for those who had tested the other world with them and who had been patiently biding their time as the Visions of Zosimos were developed, they made accessible the elemental tools of Fire and Earth that they had.  These people had more invested in the battles, and so their contribution will be greater in the grand scheme of things.

Currently, we are fighting a battle between the light and dark in the afterlife, and through all of these things, the currents of the Void and the hand of Abraxas can be felt.
When a player signs up for the game and logs in they become a student of the Visions.  Entering the virtual academy, their avatars can explore the materials available for study and create their own homunculus that will represent them in battles.  The player becomes empowered with the addition of cards which are earned through exploration, victory, or purchase.  The homunculus and cards are manifestations of power generated by the arcane mathematical coding of the Visions Program. These are tools for mastering the maps and adversaries in the great struggle.  These allow the initiated to travel the path towards triumph, desolation, and even immortality.
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