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« on: August 23, 2015, 04:48:26 PM »
So played some more this week and have a few things I've found. I broke it down into section if people want to look for certain things.

Earth based hands are best played with field control. think of it like chess. Keep your homunculus out of harms way and build a deck with low-cost creatures and crowd control. Surround the board with creatures and build a small army and move to surround enemies on all sides to cutoff their movements. Then attack with creatures from all sides and use spells to widdle away enemies.
Fire based decks are best played with aggro. Instead of keeping your homonculus safe, run in with him to enemies and summon high-cost high-attack creatures to force enemies away until they die. Use spells to ignite creatures and bind them with combo's.

You Vs. Enemy
Earth Vs. Earth - Play aggressive, cut off board into choke points.
Earth Vs. Fire - Play defensive, create barricades with creatures and summon high-cost creatures around your homonculus.
Fire Vs. Earth - Get in fast and break defenses, Try to get to the enemies homonculus as fast as possible and deal as much damage as possible. Dont try to go through chock points.
Fire Vs. Fire - Fight aggro with aggro, If you start loosing then turn back and surround yourself with high-attack creatures and dwindle away  enemy creatures until you get a good chance to do a full assault.

Times Encountured - Bug
5 - Game ends before main boss or player homonculus dies, can't find a reason as to why. Game will just end saying it was a loss.
1 - Assassin can one shot some bosses, rolls high and game instantly killed creature. Don't know if its a feature or special ability or a bug.
2 - Enemy Boss not summoned. In training, sometimes the enemy boss will not show on the board until 20+ turns have been played.
3 - Cant discard, Sometimes the game will not let you discard with a full hand at the end of a turn. Going to the next turn without drawing (because at limit) and playing through will let you discard. Not sure what causes it, just happens.

- UI Suggestions-
-Hand placement is okay on the left hand side but I would perfer the design in the general section going across the bottom of the screen.
-Buttons sometimes take multiple clicks before they register, should look into it.
-Some kind of on-screen notice for when you can/can't cast cards. Sometimes I space what points I have and try casting something a few times before realizing that I dont have the requirements to do so.
-Main Screen is kind of clunky, unresponsive, and unintuative. It's very generic (being in alpha i expect this). It also doesnt fit the screen correctly as some wording is cut off or wrapped around the buttons in a way that the text has one letter either cut off or under the others. Sometimes buttons take multiple clicks to register and go to that section.
-Homonculus "Lab" isnt intuitive. Should add tool-tips when building and make it easier to build. An example is that sometimes when clicking an ability to register it to a slot, it just closes the ability list and doesnt place it on the homonculus or when trying to rename the name doesnt register and you have to retype it.
-Card builder is the same way, sometimes clicking a card doesnt actually put the card in the deck.

-Random thoughts-
So far im enjoying the game, just little things are creeping out and making the experience with the UI a mess. If I rated the game as of now the gameplay is a solid 7/10 but the UI is only getting a rating of 2/10. I know the UI isn't the main concern, but fixing the issues and making things easier for the player will draw a bigger audience. Graphics rating is a good 6/10, Has that old Warcraft III style look to me. It fine for me, I like the styling but most people will be turned off by it. If you guys can find a way to increase your poly count and update the models/textures along with making the animations smoother you will probably see a bigger increase in players.

I don't have screenshots of the bugs I mentioned, but if they happen again I will try to remember to post them. Thanks for letting me play a great game, i can see a lot of potential in it.

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Re: Discoveries/Bugs/Etc..
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 12:24:17 PM »
Hey! Thanks for the feedback! We will put it to good use.

You put a smile on our face for mentioning our strategy you discovered. Always good to see designs come out as intended.

If you got more ideas or see anything goofy let us know!

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Re: Discoveries/Bugs/Etc..
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 08:07:24 PM »
Hey! Thanks for the feedback! We will put it to good use.

You put a smile on our face for mentioning our strategy you discovered. Always good to see designs come out as intended.

If you got more ideas or see anything goofy let us know!

This is some amazing, A+ grade feedback here! What does everyone else think about his outlook on the game?
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