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Website Problem: Continual Login Prompt
« on: July 26, 2016, 12:45:13 PM »
These Voz forums sometimes have a problem some people might experience where it keeps prompting you to login but still won't show some pages.  This stems from the software that the site uses.  A suggestion was made by Sean O'Brien, our Web Director, which is able to stop that.

For anyone who is having this issue, it can be fixed by disabling cookies for this site.

That could be done by not allowing cookies for any site, but you can also do so for just this site.
For Chrome these are the directions:
  • Go to Settings, then Show Advanced Settings.
  • Under Privacy, click Content Settings...
  • For the Cookies section, assuming you are normally allowing cookies, click "Manage Exceptions" and enter this text as an exception:
  • Choose Block from the menu next to it.
For other web browsers, consult their instructions for how to disable cookies.

With that in place, the problem no longer happened on the site.
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